Our story

RPP, back then FAPDR (Fondation Artisans de la Paix et du Développement au Rwanda), was founded in 2006 by Jean Baptiste Nsabimana who recognized the potential of improving the well being of Rwandan people through different projects such as the distribution of energy saving stoves in different areas of Rwanda.

In 2006, it started with micro credit bicycles projects to increase income of the population, to become independent and to open new markets. The bicycles were saving transportation costs and time for bringing the crops to the market. They contributed a lot to make the collection of firewood and water much faster and enabling the beneficiaries to get jobs in a bigger area.

In 2014, RPP (previously FAPDR) introduced its first improved cook stoves project in partnership with CO2 balance – UK. The project was all about the distribution of improved cook stoves in Bugesera district, namely the GABANYIBICANWA stove. The main purpose was to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions and fight against the ongoing deforestation. Due to the high population density in the Bugesera district, a big part of natural forests was deforested.

Today, RPP in partnership with CO2 balance (UK) and Climate Corporation (Austria) has distributed 30,376 improved cook stoves in all fifteen sectors of Bugesera district.

From, 2016, RPP (previously FAPDR) in partnership with LIKANO (Austria) implemented another cook stoves project in the northern part of Rwanda. The Virunga mountain gorilla project aims at distributing improved cook stoves in the twelve sectors around volcanoes national park. The energy efficient stoves distributed in the north are the same like those ones distributed in Bugesera district (the GABANYIBICANWA stove). They have reduced the demand of firewood which often originates from the surrounding forests. As a consequence, this helps to preserve the habitat of endangered animals like the Virunga mountain gorilla and other endangered species.

In 2020, another project was initiated in collaboration with CO2balance: Located in the Eastern Province directly next to the Akagera National Park, the project included another kind of stove: The CANARUMWE stove which has to be fixed in the kitchen. Reducing deforestation, the project contributes a lot to the conservation of the National Park and its threatened species.

In the future, RPP plans to continue and expand its projects to other regions of Rwanda. The more projects are carried out, the more people can benefit from the advantages of an improved cook stove. This would improve their life and also play a big role in the mitigation of climate change.



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