RPP is distributing two different types of stoves: The GABANYIBICANWA stove which is mainly used in the Virunga Mountain Projects and in the Bugesera Project, and the CANARUMWE stove which is mainly distributed in the Akagera Project.


This stove is the most efficient stove and saves up to 2/3 of the wood compared to the traditional three-stone-stove. It is mobile and therefore can adapt perfectly to any conditions at the households. When it is lighted from the upper part, it lights much faster. In addition, it also reduces the smoke significantly. The stove is most likely to last in the household for 7 years.


The unfixed CANARUMWE stove


The Canarumwe stove reduces the wood consumption by 50% and therefore also decreases the amount of smoke by 50%. Instead of being mobile like the GABANYIBICANWA stove, it is fixed in the kitchen of the household by experts. Therefore, it is very easy to use and very comfortable to clean for the end-users. The stove can be installed in the kitchen for at least 5 years.

The CANARUMWE stove is a locally manufactured household stove. The stove is hand-made of clay, using pottery clay and sand water, formed inside a bucket giving its pot-shape, to be installed in a mud surround in the Kitchen.

The CANARUMWE stove after it is fixed in the kitchen

Users are required in assisting the installation of the stove into their kitchens. The stove is more efficient than the traditional 3-stone fire and significantly reduces firewood consumption. This reduces CO2 emissions, improves the respiratory health of those in the kitchen due to less smoke and reduces the time and money spend on collecting or buying firewood.