Kayonza ICS - Project Overview

Rwanda of Peace and Progress (RPP) in partnership with CO2 balance is disseminating an energy efficient stove which will reduce the amount of firewood used in cooking for the new owner. The reduction in firewood use leads to reduced CO2 emissions. Seventy thousand efficient stoves will be distributed for free to households in all sectors within the KAYONZA district (only material for fixing the stove in the kitchen are required as in-kind contribution). 

RPP and CO2 balance provide users with training on how to use the stove and ongoing maintenance support for the duration of the project. In return for these services, users agree to grant the project developer the right to generate and retain carbon credits from the project for the duration of the crediting period. Users also agree to guarantee access to the project developers and partners to maintain the stove and monitor its use.

“As you can see, I’m an old lady, I am not able to buy heavy wood every day, but because this stove uses less wood, I buy it only once a week. Thank you so much for giving us these efficient stoves!”

Esther HITIYAREMYE, stove end-user

“This stove has so many advantages and there could have been no better improvement in my life.”

Denyse NIRERE, stove end-user

“The improved cook stove has impacted my life very much and helped me because it needs less wood and emit less smoke while using it. Therefore, I got rid of my respiratory problems and my cough disappeared too.”

Philomene NYIRAMIGISHA, stove end-user

“It allowed me to rest more because I used to spend more time for collecting wood when cooking with the traditional stove, often numerous hours per week. Since I am living alone, there is nobody else who can help me with this task. The improved cook stove needs less wood and therefore I was able to rest instead of collecting wood all the time..”

Marie MUKARUGWIZA, stove end-user

“Since the improved cook stove needs less wood than the traditional stove, we have to buy less firewood in comparison to some years ago. We have to spend less money for it and can use this money for other things. For me, it was clear to save this money for my children to invest it in their future. “

Olive UWANTEGE , stove end-user

“This stove cooks faster and doesn’t produce too much smoke. It’s not easy to find the firewood in this area. I was able to save time because this stove reduced the travels I made in search of wood. My kitchen is always clean and I also like this stove for it cooks faster compared with other cooking devices. My heart is overwhelmed with joy because of this amazing project.”

                Odette UZAMUKUNDA, stove end-user

Niyokwizerwa Vumiliya, an end user from Kayonza district, Ndego sector, Karambi cell. She likes the stove very much for it uses less wood and doesn’t produce too much smoke. “The stove helped my family to save time and the saved time is used for other domestic works especially taking care of her kids.”

                                  Niyokwizerwa Vumiliya, stove end-user