The Kitchen Surveys provides more qualitative data on the experiences related to the usage of an improved cook stove in the household. Respondents answer fifty-one simple questions to know if they are happy with the improved cook stoves and on which average they use the stoves per day. The kitchen survey also aims at finding out:

  1. if the improved cook stoves has reduced the cooking time

  2. if there is any difference in how much smoke is produced by the improved cook stove compared to the three-stones-stove

  3. and if there has been any improvement concerning the health of stoves users or the social-economic conditions of the households.

  4. The kitchen survey also explores the wood use before and after receiving the improved cook stove in order to triangulate the quantitative data from the Kitchen Performance Tests (KPT) on the changes in wood use.

The kitchen survey is conducted by the CPOs (Community Project Officers).