Impact Stories

“We used to collect wood every day, but now we only collect twice a week. During the rainy season, we used to spend 2,000 Rwandan francs to buy firewood to use for only two days, but now this amount of wood can be used for an entire week.
Also, cooking with the traditional 3-stone fire was very harmful to our lives. While cooking, my children and I suffered from eye irritation and vision problems. But after receiving this beautiful canarumwe stove from this project, these problems are no longer there: it is very beneficial that the stove emits less smoke because the smoke hurt my eyes the most. We are very happy with this wonderful project”

“After receiving the Canarumwe cook stove, my life has completely changed and became easy because there is no need to work so hard anymore on activities related to cooking. The traditional three stones fire required too much wood fuel and much effort to light it and to cook on it while the improved cook stove takes less time for these processes. In addition, it demands less wood and for that reason, I can spend less time to collect the firewood.”

” Although I have only been using this stove for two months, its impact on my life is quite clear. It helped us find enough free time to take care of other activities, it alleviated smoke inhalation and I was extremely happy that this stove was disseminated for free. Cooking with the traditional stoves was very stressful, no one helped me cook but now even my husband can help me because this stove does not produce too much smoke and cooks faster.”